Synonymous with their vintage inspired style, if you're looking for wedding shoes with a distinctly twenties vibe, a pair of Rachel Simpson heels could be the perfect option. With a passion for art deco style, Rachel Simpson shoes are known for their twenties and thirties style but with a modern and unique signature twist. You need to be careful when going for a 1920s look to keep it elegant and not veer into fancy dress- think more Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby than twenties flapper girl!

So what gives a shoe a twenties look as opposed to other popular vintage eras? There are some distinct styling features which were popular in the 1920s which still work beautifully today, thanks to their exquisite design and elegant look. Needless to say you will find them all in the new Rachel Simpson collection.

Time for t-bars

T-bars were very a la mode in the roaring twenties, not least because of their association with classic dance shoes, in an era famous for it's charleston and fox trot (to name but two)! Known for their supportive fit, t-bars not only hold the foot across the ankle, the strap going down the foot gives additional support making you feel doubly secure- perfect for dancing! Whilst dancing isn't compulsory, t-bars make great wedding shoes for their supportive fit on a day when you're likely to be on your feet a long time.

Ivory and gold vintage style t-bar wedding shoes- Mimosa by Rachel Simpson

Mimosa is a long standing signature style from the Rachel Simpson collection. The gold leather t-bar gives this iconic style an elegant air of the 1920s, with pretty ivory leather petals covering the front of the foot. As with so many RS shoes, the front motif is echoed on the back of the shoe with a subtle petal shaped cut out where the t-bar fastens. The delicate gold underlay emphasises the outline of the petals and creates a stunning contrast with the crisp ivory leather. A classic.

Contrast colours & materials

Another distinctly twenties design feature is that of combining contrasting colours and/ or materials together to create a dramatic look and emphasise the pattern of the shoe. Typically classic colour combinations such as black and gold, black and white, snakeskin and plain leather were popular- anything which emphasised the often strappy design of the shoe. 

Ivory and gold 1920s style wedding shoes- Rosie by Rachel Simpson

Rosie is a classic example of a twenties style shoe, using a combination of soft ivory suede and rich gold metallic leather to create a striking contrast. Alternating these materials on the straps at the front of the shoe creates a dramatic effect, with elegant narrow cut outs giving the shoe a lightweight feel. The perfect wedding shoe for any season.

Art deco fan motifs

The art deco movement originated in Paris and really flourished throughout the 1920s and early 1930s. The style filtered through every area of design from architecture and interiors to products and fashion, and was all about beautiful craftsmanship and luxury materials. The distinctive fan motif was typical or this era and is the perfect vehicle to demonstrate both detailed craftsmanship and luxurious materials. 

Ivory and gold art deco style wedding shoes- Isadora by Rachel Simpson

Isadora cleverly incorporates this art deco fan motif and uses it to envelope the foot, with one on either side meeting delicately in the centre. Again the use of contrasting ivory suede with sumptuous metallic gold leather perfectly enhances the shape of the fan detail. Sitting on a chic two inch heel, Isadora is effortlessly elegant and the ideal way to add some twenties style to your wedding day.

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